Sustainable Takeout Meets Hunger

Refillable, reusable takeout containers for truly sustainable meals on the go

/em-por-tay/ - French for takeaway

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What is M'Porte?

M’Porte is a Zero Waste Takeout program empowering restaurants and customers alike to come together to tackle the common goal of reducing single use plastic.

How Does it work?


Customers are able to purchase new, or exchange our reusable, stainless steel takeout containers at any participating restaurant.

To join the program, simply purchase a container from us, or from one of our participating restaurants.

Not only do customers receive benefits like discounted meals, they also gain the peace of mind knowing they are not contributing to single plastic waste. 44% of ocean plastic is related to takeout food and drinks according to BBC.



Restaurants wholesale purchase our containers and retail them to their customers.

When a cutstomer brings in their existing container(s), restaurants swap out the existing one, for a pre-cleaned, pre-santized container from their kitchen.

Restaurants are highly encouraged to provide these customers with discounted takeout.

Is sustainability important to your customers?



An ever growing network of restaurants that offer truly sustainable takeout - please nominate your favorites!

  • Amplified Ale Works
  • Americana Restaurant
  • Bliss Cafe SLO
  • Elixir Del Mar
  • Encontro North Park
  • Farm to Barn Cafe
  • Harney Sushi Oceanside
  • Jake's Del Mar
  • Ki's Restaurant Cardiff
  • Viewpoint Brewing Co


“Del Mar Village Association is in full support of the M’Porte Exchange Program, and we look forward to growing the network of participating restaurants and reducing our city’s waste. M’Porte has an innovative solution to the increasingly relevant issue of plastic pollution and single use waste at restaurants”

Jen Grove, CEO of the Del Mar Village Association

“As a business, Viewpoint is always trying to find the balance between meeting guest expectations, profitability, and ethical responsibility. The M’Porte Exchange Program (MEP) is wonderful because it truly has found the balance. Now we are able to provide our guests with delicious meals in reusable containers all while saving money and the environment”

Charles Koll, Owner of Viewpoint Brewing Co.