Restaurant Best Practices

M’Porte Exchange Program (MEP) Best Practices

Best practices to help MEP restaurants make the most of the zero waste takeout program

Suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated!


Summary of Best Practices

  1. Showcase a sample container and “Zero Waste Takeout” flyer with QR Codes in a high-visibility area (most important)
  2. Ask every customer if they want to join the zero waste takeout program
  3. Point them to the QR Code
  4. Tell them WHY your restaurant is in the program

Best Practices - Explained

  • Once the customer has ordered their food, ask if they want to join the zero-waste takeout program?
    • Ask casually, like you would ask someone “for here or to-go?”
  • When the customer asks what the program is, point them to the Join the MEP QR code
    • Each restaurant will have 2 QR codes, one for joining the program, and another for exchanges
    • The link on the other side of the “join" QR code answers most all questions posed by customers.
  • Tell the customer why your restaurant joined the program (dealers’ choice here)
    • “We’re sick of seeing all the unnecessary takeout waste”
    • “We want to be part of the solution to plastic pollution”
    • “This program safely enables our customers to reduce their waste”
    • “The compostable containers don’t actually get composted”
    • “You should see the amount of takeout containers we go through! And they all end up in the landfill or on the beaches”
    • “9% of plastic gets recycled”
    • ¼ of all plastic waste that ends up on the beaches is food containers and wrappers
  • Talk about it to your regulars.
  • List “Join the M’Porte – Zero Waste Takeout Program” on your website menu
    • List “M’Porte Exchange” on your website for $0.00
  • Showcase a sample container and signage in front of the register / host stand or in a highly visible, highly trafficked area.
    • Inside a window is typically not as visible as you’d imagine
  • If you have any questions / comments / suggestions please feel free to contact M’Porte directly