How does the program work?

The program works by exchanging one container for another. Buy into the program once, and that container is now your "proof of purchase" every time you go to a participating restaurant. Exchange the original, and close the loop.

Where can I go to buy a container?

You can either purchase a container directly through our website, or through any of our participating restaurants

How big is the container?

  • 50 ounce capacity
  • 5 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Weighs < 1 lb

Why should I join the MEP?

Why do you walk around with a reusable water bottle? Because you know you can protect the environment by reducing your impact on single use items. Takeout has exploded due to covid-19 and so has the expenses for restaurants. For every single use takeout container, restaurants are throwing away 25 cents or more for every meal. And where do those takeout containers go? At best, the landfill, and at worst, the ocean. Even the "compostable" takeout containers are never composted, they're thrown in with the landfill. And you can't put them in a backyard compost because it never reaches the necessary temperature for it to actually compost. REDUCE, REUSE, then recycle if you must.

How do I participate in the program?

Participate in the M’Porte Exchange Program by purchasing a container directly from any of the participating restaurants.

You simply order zero waste takeout from an MEP restaurant - and they will exchange the one you bought for a new one that has been pre-cleaned and sanitized.

Take the food home in a reusable to-go container.

Rinse it out with water once you’ve finished the meal (get rid of the food bits).  

Return the container to any participating restaurant to receive a pre-cleaned, pre-sanitized one for your next meal.


Receive 25c off every to-go order when using an M’Porte container.

What does M'Porte mean? and how do you pronounce it?

It is a loose translation from the French term "I take away" or "to-go"

And it is pronounced /em - port - ay/

Can I put it in the oven?

Yes - just take out the silicone seal in the lid first

Can I freeze meals in it?

Yes - and heat it up in your oven! Meal Prep 2.0

Can I put it in the microwave?

No - please don't. It's metal

What is the meaning of life?

Leave this Earth a little better than you found it. A little cleaner, perhaps