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How does it work?

Individuals pay a small monthly fee to have access to our reusable takeout containers where they can check in / check out the containers - with up to 2 takeout containers at any given time. Customers receive discounted meals at restaurants when using the program

Where can I check in / check out a container?

Participating Restaurants

How long do I have to return the containers?

As a paying member, you may take as long as you want, although we ask that you check container(s) back in within 10 calendar days of check out. This is to keep the flow going, and ensure our restaurants have enough containers for other customers :)

If I don’t return the container, how much do I owe?

$12 per container if you cancel your membership.

What does M’Porte mean? And how do I pronounce it?

It is a loose translation of the French word “emporter” which means “to-go” or “to take away”

M’Porte is pronounced /em-port-ay/

What kind of discounts do I get for using the program?

Each restaurant has their own deals, but most discounts range from 5-15% discounts on to-go orders

What if I purchased a container before the subscription role out?

First of all, we appreciate you for purchasing a container in our early days 😊 And as a thank you, you’ll have full access to the program at no cost until the end 2023. What we’ll need to do is set you up with membership account. Please send us an email with your name, purchase location, and proof of purchase if you have one (the more details the better). And we will send you instructions on how to access your free membership.