BYO Container

Customers bring in their own containers from home, or purchase a branded container at the restaurant

Customer brings in their own clean container from home. There is no up front cost to the restaurant, and often restaurants will give a discount when people BYO container. After all, the restaurant no longer has to give away a single-use container. In order to meet Health Department standards, the BYO container must be cleaned and sanitized by the restaurant before food can be put in.

Deposit System

Many ways to do this

Simplest way to do this is for the restaurants to loan out containers to customers when they come in to get a food order to go. The customer will pay a deposit, and then once they bring it back, they receive back their deposit. If the customer does not return it for any reason, it has essentially been “sold” and there is no potential for loss.

Closed Loop

Ideal in many ways

Customer purchases branded reusable container from the restaurant, then once the patron goes back to the restaurant, they drop off the dirty container, and pick up their food in a new clean container. Any number of restaurants can join the program. Boom, closed loop