Plastic Free Restaurants - Resources

Plastic Free Restaurants - Resources


For Restaurants
Email us about a cash subsidy for your switch from plastic to compostable products.
• Search a manufacturer, product type, or SKU# for its “certified compostable” status from Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) or Biodegradable Products Institute.
• Download our Compostable Products Buying Guide.
• Download our spreadsheet of Compostable Product Manufacturers and Distributors (which includes information about available discounts).
• Find a composting facility near you.
• Find a composting facility based on which types of products are accepted.
• Find a composting pick-up service in your area.
• Find out if your state, city, or county is considering legislation to ban PFAS.
• Explore the real-world reviews of compostable products at (coming soon).
• If you are already plastic-free, please email us so we can add you to our nationwide list.

For Consumers

• Order zero-waste restaurant take-out with M’Porte (limited locations in CA and HI).
• Find a composting pick-up service in your area.
• Check out Beth Terry’s great list of plastic-free goods and stores.
• Buy your own reusable cutlery, and support a small business while you’re at it.
• Take KCET’s fantastic “Are You A Good Recycler?” quiz.
• Call your Member of Congress.
• Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Youtube.

For Volunteers
• Download our restaurant recruitment flyer.
• If you’re working with a local restaurant, make sure they know about our Compostable Products Buying Guide and our spreadsheet of Compostable Product Manufacturers and Distributors.
Email us and let us know about plastic-free restaurants that aren’t yet listed on our site.

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